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We’re a Recruitment and Placement agency for domestic workers, maids, nannies, frail care nannies and child minders who we personally interview, verify competence, and conduct criminal checks on individuals in baby, toddler, and child care specialist positions.

In addition to this, we specialise in training courses and services for domestic workers, au pairs, maids, child minders and nannies with specific emphasis on baby and toddler care training, first aid and CPR training, baby stimulation, home care cleaning courses and domestic cooking courses.

New Owner!


Born in the late 70’s, warm hearted and a loving mother to two boys whom she adores whole heartedly. Buhle is a go getter and a people’s person with a live and caring heart who always makes her presence felt when among others. She attributed these qualities at a tender age during her high school years where she was captain of girls’ volleyball team and member of the debate club.
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Academically, she completed her O’Levels and has Accounting Diploma, having done Bookkeeping at a District Developmental Fund Office, she acquired a lot of knowledge in managing her lifestyle. She later became an Accountant for a Physiotherapy Company that had six branches all over South Africa, which she served diligently.


Nannies in Training Services


Should you be in need of a nanny, child minder or domestic worker, au pair or frail care we have a portfolio of ladies that you can interview and choose to employ. For complete peace of mind reference checks are done on all of our nannies. Over and above this, we also offer finger print criminal check. Reports will be done before confirming placement.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

The placement fee includes a choice between Baby & Toddler, Learning through Play Stimulation or Home Care cleaning course.

We have extended our guarantee periods to 60 and 90 days for your peace of mind. It is imperative that we make 100% sure that the nanny we place with our clients is a perfect fit for their family.

We have found that the 30 day guarantee just wasn’t enough to make sure that the nanny fits in perfectly with the family.



We train your domestic worker or nanny to be able to care for your baby or child with confidence. Childminding is the nannies primary focus, but we also train your nanny in managing household duties whilst looking after your child. The course covers the following modules: [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

  • Be the best you can be
  • Hygiene, Safety,
  • Practical “How To” Section from dressing baby to bathing baby to changing nappies and sterilizing bottles,
  • Crying Baby and what to do,
  • Colic Baby and what to do,
  • Nutrition Basics,
  • Balancing Housework and Baby,
  • Playtime activities from 1 month to 2 years.
  • The course is a mixture of theory and practical, with the emphasis on practical. There is an assessment at the end of the course. We have a trainer who speaks several African languages to assist with any language barriers.[/read]

Domestic Value Added Services

Our Domesticsure product is aimed at individuals who employ domestic workers. This product covers domestic workers for death, disability and hospitalisation. It includes a repatriation service, a payroll service and access to a variety of medical tools and advice. We also offer Domestic Insurance.

 Job seekers

If you are an exceptional child minder – please complete the online form to register with us as a domestic, nanny, frail care worker!